changing the game

From Mediocrity to Profitability


Challenges and Change

Aretha works with organizations who want to see change and challenges as key to business growth. Sharing a step by step platform for employers/employees who may be resistant to change but open for growth.

Corporate speaking.

Aretha Cleveland's seminars will better prepare you for the unexpected. Climb to the top, changing your organization; Checkmate!

game changing.

Aretha is changing the game by exceeding expectations and being adaptive enough to deliver her speaking services in any environment.

grief counseling.

Aretha Cleveland is hands-on when it comes to demonstrating a servant-leadership that serves and leads by example.

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Stop, Drop and Soak in Some Jesus


Stop, Drop and Soak in Some Jesus

my foundation is cracking

I Need A New Contractor

Talking faith

Walking Fear



b3 be Free.

(Bruised, Broken, and Bandaged)

Aretha Cleveland will inspire you, make you think about yourself and your walk with God. She is not afraid to share her life's experience to show how God has worked in her life and how He will work in yours. Truly a Blessed Servant of God and others.

~ Terri Baskin, Dayton, Ohio ~

Wow, is an operative word to describe Aretha Cleveland. Her messages are more than inspiring, they truly are encouraging. I highly recommend Aretha for your next event!

~ Adnie Gaudin, Miami Garden, Florida ~

Aretha Cleveland is a dynamic speaker that will encourage you while scolding you. She will make you examine yourself while giving you positive and negative feedback to look over your life. She has made me check myself before I (wreck myself) cause myself harm in my spiritual life. Until you hear Aretha Cleveland speak you have not heard the best. Find her at the church of Christ when she comes to your area.

~ Carolyn J Walker, Savannah, Georgia ~