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I assist with change in others by being Relational, 
Informational and Inspirational.
  • Aretha Cleveland has impacted my life just by being who she is. That’s more important than anything because she’s genuine. Her words and heart are sincere. Her ministries are personal testimonies that allow her to be relatable, therefore, one with whom I can talk, listen, and value what she brings to my emotional and spiritual growth. My output receives her input with a willingness to see beyond my circumstances. Aretha saw deeply within me and was able, through my willingness, to show what I couldn’t see within myself. My creativity as she penned upon me, “Storyteller.” Her book, “B3 Be Free,” started my journey as I listened to her and others share their stories of healing and breaking through in becoming free of past wounds. Aretha, let me know I am not alone. She allowed me to see and experience her life which embodied her stronghold of faith! Her unshakable trust in God allows her to be the woman she is today. With Aretha, there is no second-guessing her Christianity. There is no question about her faith. Her actions speak, and her voice vibrates with passion as a speaker! She’s empowered as she seeks God in every avenue that’s placed upon her! She doesn’t lean on her own understanding because she seeks and leans on what God has for her and His purpose! Her wisdom impacts me. Our Elijah study together, along with another sister, became an unshakable time of sisters connecting, supporting, and holding us accountable for the commitment we said yes to when she asked us to join in the study. Aretha, thanks for being the woman of God that you are! Thanks for playing a vital role in my life. Thanks for speaking the word “Amazing” when you reference your love for God! Thanks for being an “Amazing” woman in Christ Jesus.
    Sylvia Carter Wilson
  • Aretha Cleveland – “Game Changer,” has tremendously impacted my life through her use of personal relationships and spiritual coaching. Aretha has passionately poured into my life during different seasons and has made a life-long impact through her one-on-one coaching sessions and the Winning The Battles In Your Mind Prayer Call Ministry. Her commitment to ensuring each woman reaches her full potential makes her a ‘game changer’ as she leverages life experiences and biblical principles to motivate and encourage the 21st-century woman.
    Faith Arthur
    Orangeburg SC
  • Realism comes to mind when I think of Aretha Cleveland's impact on my life with her down-to-earth approach to applying God's Word to everyday life experiences. She is a go-getter and is all about our Father's business. Her advice is not sugar-coated, so you hear what needs to be heard, and she does it with love! I love Aretha's zest for life and her sense of humor. She has been supportive during tragic times as well as celebrations! To just say she is a blessing is an understatement!
    Denise Baker
    Twin in Georgia
  • Aretha Cleveland has been a constant role model and spiritual guide since 2015 upon meeting her. It wasn’t until 2018 that our relationship transformed into something more meaningful. It was the year I learned who God was through a storm I was dealing with. I dedicated my life back to Christ because He sent Aretha to not only be an example to me but she also showed me the way. She has been a consistent example of how we should be Christ-like through her many testimonies. Since then, I have grown to have my testimonies, and my prayer life has increased. I am so thankful for her obedience to God because it genuinely saved my life.
    Shandrea J Fernandez, CEMC, CPC, MPA
  • I met Aretha Cleveland through her BlogTalk Radio ministry. I made a prayer request while stating some very personal info, and this lady took note of my number, and it all started from there. After the prayer call, my phone rang, and this person I had never met said, "who are you to call in and tell my story"? We realized we had much in common, including our love for Christ. We became friends and eventually sisters while continuing to pray in a community setting via phone calls and conferences. She uses her platform to encourage, inspire and motivate others, making it look effortless. She is the "GameChanger." She is my sister. She is Aretha Cleveland. I consider the day our paths crossed a blessing.
    Danielle Corbitt
    South Carolina
  • Aretha has blessed me with her call-in program, Winning The Battles In Your Mind University. This call-in prayer line allows ladies to hear a 10-minute spiritual boost and ask for prayers. Whenever Aretha talks, you will hear the real and honest truth. She shares her victories and her struggles to help others. Aretha is a game-changer for the greater good.
    Nedra Rodriguez
    North Carolina
  • Aretha Cleveland will inspire you, make you think about yourself and your walk with God. She is not afraid to share her life's experience to show how God has worked in her life and how He will work in yours. Truly a Blessed Servant of God and others.
    Terri Baskin
  • Wow, is an operative word to describe Aretha Cleveland. Her messages are more than inspiring, they truly are encouraging. I highly recommend Aretha for your next event!
    Adnie Gaudin
    Miami Garden, Florida
  • Aretha Cleveland is a dynamic speaker that will encourage you while scolding you. She will make you examine yourself while giving you positive and negative feedback to look over your life. She has made me check myself before I (wreck myself) cause myself harm in my spiritual life. Until you hear Aretha Cleveland speak you have not heard the best. Find her at the church of Christ when she comes to your area.
    Carolyn J Walker


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