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demanding change

in your life

I assist with change in others by being Relational, 
Informational and Inspirational.


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Stop, Drop and Soak in Some Jesus


Stop, Drop and Soak in Some Jesus


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Challenges and Changes

Aretha works with organizations who want to see change and challenges as key to business growth. Sharing a step by step platform for employers/employees who may be resistant to change but open for growth.


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Ascend to new heights while transforming – it's a strategic move.

enhance your readiness for unforeseen circumstances. 

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Aretha has blessed me with her call-in program, Winning The Battles In Your Mind University. This call-in prayer line allows ladies to hear a 10-minute spiritual boost and ask for prayers. Whenever Aretha talks, you will hear the real and honest truth. She shares her victories and her struggles to help others. Aretha is a game-changer for the greater good.

Nedra Rodriguez, North Carolina

Realism comes to mind when I think of Aretha Cleveland's impact on my life with her down-to-earth approach to applying God's Word to everyday life experiences. She is a go-getter and is all about our Father's business. Her advice is not sugar-coated, so you hear what needs to be heard, and she does it with love! I love Aretha's zest for life and her sense of humor. She has been supportive during tragic times as well as celebrations! To just say she is a blessing is an understatement!

Denise Baker
Twin in Georgia

Aretha Cleveland is a dynamic speaker that will encourage you while scolding you. She will make you examine yourself while giving you positive and negative feedback to look over your life. She has made me check myself before I (wreck myself) cause myself harm in my spiritual life. Until you hear Aretha Cleveland speak you have not heard the best. Find her at the church of Christ when she comes to your area.